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Casa Vista Lagos
El Tigre

Nuevo Vallarta


The challenge was to integrate the frontal façade with the back façade. The land shape is a funnel, where its narrow part is a curve parallel to the street. We followed the land’s curve and manifested it in the façade, by integrating the service quarters with the house trough a curved concrete beam and a curved warped aileron.


The land’s main views are in the back side towards the golf course and the lake; condition which guided us to place the big windows of social areas and bedrooms towards the panorama.


The terrace is the house interior extension, it’s the transition to the pool, the garden, and the golf course. During good weather days, when the big glass windows are open, the golf course becomes the garden of the house.


The back side façade it’s the second-floor slab continuity coming out towards the golf course, unfolding in vertical inclined planes, integrating with simplicity and elegance the whole façade.

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